Interview: Utshab Chakravorty

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We spoke to Utshab, Head of Sales & Operations at Pulse Industrial, about the fundamentals of sales operations. A chemical engineer by trade, Utshab got into product management before completing an MBA. After this, he felt that the most interesting section of a business is where the product overlaps with customers; at which point he organically moved into sales operations.

One of the key take aways from this was his views on metrics, and the challenge for high growth startups coming in to new products or market in setting them.

Getting the right metrics for early level companies is a challenge.

A company's metrics should be derived from their financial goals. Based on that, the data should be gathered and investigated. Based on that, strategies should be defined. And finally based on that, the processes to get there.

Utshab breaks down a how to, here.

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