Private Equity Grade Forecasting

Forecasting and board reporting that’s relied upon by Tier 1 PE port-cos globally.

Double EBITDA by leveraging two months’ added visibility into your top line.


"Kluster allows me to clearly explain the future of my business to the board"

James Isilay, CEO Cognism

Bulletproof forecasts that drive your top line

Built for high performance leaders who know their sales and revenue inside out

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Revenue forecasting

Forecast revenue across new business, renewals, expansions and contractions in one unified operating system for revenue. Get a single source of truth.

Sales forecasting

Add two months' visibility into sales forecasts, using Kluster's forecasting framework. Drive best-in-class forecasting cadence from account executive to CEO.

Board reporting

Comprehensive Board Reporting. KPI, revenue, and forecast analytics for auditability and transparency all in one place.

Revenue recognition

Bridge the gap between sales and finance with real time recognition.

Planning enablement

Maximize efficiency across revenue operations. Unite teams and achieve seamless collaboration for exceptional results.

KPI management

Empower your team to outperform with actionable insights. Secure consistent revenue growth and beat your targets.

Are you ready to drive your top line?

Outperform the market by 103% on quota attainment

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Used by leadership to deliver on plan


Use Kluster to know how to achieve your goals, calculate the KPIs your team need and gain two months' extra visibility to ensure you beat quota, predictably.



We know the difference between sales and revenue forecasting. Get comprehensive insights, making you the ultimate source of truth.


RevOps Leadership

Quickly integrate Kluster with CRM and finance systems to automate FP&A, pipeline reviews, forecast calls, and board reporting. Reconcile revenue in real-time.



Run every meeting from pipeline reviews to forecast calls, up to board meetings. Be alerted to key risks early, enabling time to update C-Suite while you course correct.


The Board

Facilitate board meetings run on a unified suite of reporting and analytics, focused on strategy rather than tactics.


"I use Kluster every day to make my number every quarter"

Patrick Dennis

CEO, Extrahop