Predictive Analytics for Sales
Packaged into three intuitive features

Intelligent Reporting

Beautiful, flexible, pre-built sales reporting specifically for salespeople.

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Opportunity Management

Prioritise the right opportunities, identify those at risk and model future sales outcomes.

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Predictive Forecasting

Forecast sales more accurately and regularly than ever before.

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Accurate predictions
Sales-focused design

The co-founders of Kluster Intelligence have years of experience in sales and statistical modelling between them.

This collaboration has resulted in powerful analytics, delivered through an easy-to-use platform with the mindset of a salesperson in its DNA.

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Kluster Intelligence Mobile

Business-Wide Value

Sales Leaders

Understand your team’s sales process better and streamline workflows

Save time and forecast more accurately – share an accurate live forecast with anyone in your organisation with ease

Spot problems with your team’s opportunities now, not when it’s too late – help them achieve target more regularly

Set targets that drive performance not just activity and monitor in real-time

Identify more specific areas of development and increase the effectiveness of your up-skilling

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Close more deals by spotting those in need of attention and prioritising those most likely to close

Understand if you’re on course for target early in the month and find out what you need to do now to ensure a full commission cheque

Identify key activity metrics required to hit target and over achieve

Manage top level pipeline to determine whether you have enough coming through for next month and the month after….

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Sales Operations

Create dashboards that matter, understand your business better and avoid costly traditional reporting methods

Drive your return per salesperson by maximising their contribution

Understand where your business' sales process is falling down and where you can yield greater returns

Create sales workflows that matter and offer greater ramp-up speeds for new reps

Drive employee retention by maximising the number of reps hitting target, setting clear goals and enhancing technology that really works

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Plug and Play CRM Integration

Kluster Intelligence interprets CRM big data to produce innovative insights and action-points, specifically geared towards commercial gains.

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The Kluster Intelligence Management Team

Kluster Intelligence - Dan Thompson

Dan Thompson

Co-Founder, Application Director
Kluster Intelligence - Rory Brown

Rory Brown

Co-Founder, Director of Sales

Kluster Intelligence - John Stephenson

John Stephenson

Head of Technology

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