Set targets, quotas and KPIs

Use data-driven insights to enable C-suite to shape strategy and for revenue teams to execute.

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We help you build a bulletproof plan

Make better decisions earlier by providing the information you need to act quickly and prevent you from not hitting your goals

Set goals

Enter a goal and gain actionable insights on how to achieve it

Use our Ml and AI engine to create an accurate goal driven strategy

Model scenarios

Run 'what-If' scenarios to plan for the future, should you hire or focus on increasing conversion?

Explore various pathways to success to make sure strategies stay effective in changing business environments

Information in real-time

Meld sales, financial, and custom data streams into a single, definitive source of revenue insight

Make strategic decisions and plan with confidence, backed by the complete history of your business's performance metrics

"Kluster allows me to clearly explain the future of my business to the board"

James Isilay

CEO, Cognism

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