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Predictably beat sales targets by planning and executing your revenue strategy

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Drive revenue growth predictably

Kluster helps you make better decisions earlier by providing the information you need to act quickly and prevent you from not hitting your goals

Accurate sales forcasts, earlier

Precision Forecasting: Gets over 95% accuracy from over 10 weeks out to the end of the quarter

Strategic Sales Alignment: Align sales efforts with business goals through Kluster's insights

Monitor team performance

Boost sales productivity: Monitor and enhance sales performance to drive efficiency

Deep dive into deals: Analyze the type of touch points to close a deal. Catch key deal risks and act.

Close the Sales-Finance gap

Integrate sales and finance: Connect sales results with financial reports for unified insights

Holistic revenue insight: Achieve a full view of your revenue flow from bookings to financials with Kluster

"We run our business on Kluster. It powers our board meetings and forecast calls, and was pivotal in being prepared for our $94M Series B."  

Jimmny Fong


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