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Board reporting that shifts the needle

Analyze company performance with ease. Get the information you need to have better conversations and therefore make the right decisions.

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Drive board effectiveness through better information

Kluster helps you make better decisions earlier by providing the information you need to act quickly and prevent you from not hitting your goals

Access information, not just data

See the context behind the numbers, and dive into the why

Get a view into key areas of the business that are driving and hindering performance respectively

Enhance board decision-making

Empower board decisions with accurate forecasts and revenue insights

Ensure board strategies are informed by real-time revenue data and performance metrics

Close the execution gap

Seamless Strategy Execution: Seamlessly translate board strategies into executable actions

Get a complete overview of revenue health, from strategy to financial outcomes

"Kluster allows me to clearly explain the future of my business to the board"

James Isilay

CEO, Cognism

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