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Control financial health with accurate forecasts

Access the information you need for budgeting and capacity planning. Forecast and recognize revenue in Kluster.

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Deep insights to drive financial strategies

Kluster helps you make better decisions earlier by providing the information you need to act quickly and prevent you from not hitting your goals

Tailored revenue forecasting

Understand the nuances between sales and revenue forecasting with Kluster's tailored insights

Utilize comprehensive analytics to guide financial planning, investment decisions, and risk management

Unified board reporting platform

Connect seamlessly with existing financial systems for unified reporting and analysis

Achieve a comprehensive financial overview, enhancing transparency and confidence in board meetings

Close the Sales-Finance gap

Adapt quickly to trends with real-time data, maintaining a competitive edge

Integrate sales and finance. Connect sales results with financial reports for unified insights

"Ultimately it gives you the ability to really understand what's going on in the business"  

Sam Caulton

CFO, Re-Leased

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