Kluster is a pioneering, cloud-centric platform created with state-of-the-art technologies and services. Your data's privacy, security, and our system's reliability are our utmost priority.

Data Safe Guarding

We have comprehensive measures to secure your data in every scenario.

Encryption Unleashed

At Kluster, all data, including all stored data, session cookies, backups, and other sensitive data, is encrypted using leading-edge protocols, both in transit and at rest.

Data Recovery & Backups

Kluster prioritizes data protection by implementing robust backup strategies, including frequent and secure off-site storage facilitated through Microsoft Azure. Moreover, we employ well-designed recovery strategies to ensure business continuity, focusing on measurable and clear objectives.

Incident Management and Recovery

Kluster is committed to readiness in the face of unexpected incidents. We constantly update and verify our incident response policies and procedures, focusing on preparation, identification, containment, eradication, recovery, and lessons learned.

Network & Infrastructure Security

We are dedicated to maintaining a secure environment for our platform and your data.

Constant Vigilance

Kluster's Security Operations Center (SOC) keeps a 24/7/365 watch on our infrastructure. Regular scans are conducted for security vulnerabilities, and findings are quickly prioritized and addressed.

Secure Network Perimeter

Our production systems are situated within an isolated network environment on Microsoft Azure. Strong firewalls and access control mechanisms are employed to deter any unauthorized communication or access, ensuring the integrity and security of your data.

Application Integrity

We ensure security is integrated into our product and operations.

Constant Vigilance

At Kluster, security is integral to our products and processes. Our team, including developers and engineers, is rigorously trained on secure coding protocols, ensuring that our applications are developed with security in mind.

Penetration Testing

We engage external vendors to conduct annual penetration tests, ensuring that our defenses are up to date. Any findings of medium or higher severity are promptly remedied.

Secure Authorization

Kluster useS secure authorization to CRM, email, and calendar platforms, ensuring we securely access and interact with your data.

Role-Based Access Control

At Kluster, access is granted on a 'need-to-know' basis. Administrators set user roles according to the principle of least privilege.

Compliance & Certification

We are commited to meeting the highest standards of data protection and privacy.

GDPR Compliant

Kluster is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We've worked closely with external auditors to ensure we've met the requirements of this regulation since its inception in May 2018.


We udergo rigorous annual internal and extetnal audits that confirm our platform and processes meet the most stringent standards.


At Kluster, we uphold the highest standards for handling customer data. This commitment is reflected in our SOC 2 certification, a prestigious auditing process developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

Achieving SOC 2 certification affirms that we adhere to strict guidelines in five key areas: security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. You can trust that our systems and processes have been rigorously tested and validated to securely and responsibly manage your data.

ISO 27001

Protecting your valuable information assets is at the heart of what we do at Kluster. Our ISO 27001 certification is a testament to this commitment. ISO 27001 is a globally recognized standard for information security management.

Being ISO 27001 certified means we follow best practices for information security management, including financial data, intellectual property, and sensitive customer information. You can have confidence that Kluster takes cybersecurity seriously, and we're dedicated to maintaining a robust defense against potential threats.

Corporate Integrity

We instill a culture of security and privacy through the organisation

A Culture of Security

Beyond secure coding training for developers, all Kluster employees receive annual training on general security and data privacy. We believe that a strong culture of security is critical to safeguarding your data.


Kluster's data centers are hosted in Europe's Microsoft Azure regions, ensuring that your data is protected under European privacy laws.

Business Continuity

Built in the cloud, Kluster operates globally with minimal dependency on physical resources, providing uninterrupted service to our customers.

Employee Vigilance

We emphasis personal responsibility and attentiveness in maintaining data security and privacy.

Security Policies & Procedures

Based on the ISO 27001 & SOCII framework, Kluster's policies and procedures emphasize the importance of individual responsibility in data protection. Each Kluster employee acknowledges and upholds these responsibilities as a condition of employment.

Office & Device Security

Kluster's offices are monitored 24/7/365 via video cameras and alarms, with entry secured through keycard access. Employee devices, from laptops to mobiles, are protected with hard drive encryption, antivirus, and advanced malware detection.

Background Checks

Kluster ensures all new employees undergo a thorough background check, cementing our commitment to create a secure and trustworthy environment.

Business Continuity

Built in the cloud, Kluster operates globally with minimal dependency on physical resources, providing uninterrupted service to our customers.