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Trusted By Scaling Companies Globally.

Kluster is relied upon by revenue functions worldwide to enable their teams to beat target, and report to investors and the board in a robust manner.

Empowering revenue leaders in

The Platform

Forecast accurately, be alerted early to dangers, and be instructed on how to overcome obstacles in a timely manner with Kluster.

The platform stretches to every corner of your revenue function to ensure that you beat target, consistently.

Peer-Driven Analytics

Use the best forecasting, pipeline management and analytics tools available.

Kluster is a curated platform of the best analytics and processes from revenue leaders who have gone from seed stage to IPO and beyond.

"Kluster is critical to my day-to-day role.

This is something we had no visibility on with Salesforce, and completely changed how we manage the team.”

Dave McGrath
Chief Growth Officer
Propel PRM