Interview: Udi Cohen at Lusha

The Interview

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Kluster's Take

We spoke to Udi Cohen, Head of Business Operations at Lusha. A data enrichment SaaS company based in New York.

After accidentally falling into the industry, Udi has spent the last eight years in ops, and is loving it more than ever. His incredible eye for designing, building and implementing new methods of reporting have revolutionised how things are done. After feeling like a small screw in a big machine in the past, the opportunity to scale Lusha using key metrics and three structural resets, Udi's really looking forward to watching it fly.

When asked the most important aspects of his role, Udi gifted us with the magic sentence in SaaS right now.. 'Everything starts from visibility' - we hear that! Metrics, data analysis, conversion rates, deal patterns and rep behaviours really help to drill down into the real details of your business and its key functionalities.

After going into previous roles with a 'ego on the ground' approach, Udi second ticket to success is within working to earn respect and trust, by fulfilling your purpose and beyond. In doing so, you will naturally find yourself in a good position in your business, and build strong networks with those around you.

The final golden rule is trust. ''Trust in the processes you create, trust in your colleagues and trust in yourself.'' Partnering political aspects with skills and expertise is the biggest challenge, with the most worthwhile results. Always come with confidence that you are going to achieve, not for yourself but for your company too.

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