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The Revenue Operations Blog

Tom Celentano, Global Sales Operations Manager at Redline Communications

February 26, 2021

The Interview

Kluster's Take

We spoke to Tom a seasoned sales operations veteran, to pick his brain on the world of sales operations.

We love how Tom fixates on the details - connecting the dots in order to support his customers. In Tom's case, his customer is the sales function: reps, managers, directors and engineers. His philosophy is that if he can deliver the processes and systems, when they are in front of their customers, they can be confident in succeeding.

Tom also spoke on the necessity and challenge of building good data, how we handle it as we scale, and the curve ball COVID threw at our forecasting game and how we overcame that.

Tom brings a depth of experience and expertise in ops, and for folks entering the field, you'll enjoy how he simplifies the problems into manageable solutions!