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The Revenue Operations Blog

Revenue Operations Interview: James May at Apperio

April 12, 2021

The Interview

Kluster's Take

Having had a part in scaling his previous organisation from 20-150 employees, James was able to get very involved with the architecture of the way things work.

He oversaw the adaptation of Salesforce, and was integral in building up the relationship between the Ops and Sales teams. The most notable recent project saw the Ops team members make Salesforce the "single source of truth" within the organisation.

This has since prevented conflicting figures and provided different areas of the org with just what they need. Finally, we explored measuring the success of the Ops team and from his perspective, the best way to do this is compare quarter to quarter to really embrace the learning experience. The best successes are to do with the infrastructure so it's difficult to compare to the revenue goals of the sales team.