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The Revenue Operations Blog

Interview: Ella Pebbles at Cutover

March 2, 2021

The Interview

Kluster's Take

We had an amazing time talking to Ella, Global Head of Revenue Operations at Cutover.

Ella graduated in mathematics, statistics and economics. Combining this with a mindset of getting involved in the business of multiple departments, Ella saw the downstream effects of current trends and shifts in the business, which ended up as a revenue operations career.

The key points we take away are:

  1. One has to understand all of the moving parts (sales, analytics, BI, finance) at once in order to effect good change.
  2. It takes time to be concise with the right information, so saving time should help growth, but also may result in a lack of clarify.
  3. The operations team should facilitate communications, while keeping overall "eyes on the prize". This helps give the function being worked with to double down on their goals.
  4. Know your audience when talking to the sales team. Speak in their language and ensure the overlap of company goals and sales team goals is communicated clearly.