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The Revenue Operations Blog

Interview: Danielle Marquis at Zappistore

April 6, 2021

The Interview

Kluster's Take

We spoke to Danielle, VP of Revenue Operations at Zappistore, about building and running her revenue operations function.

Danielle did an awesome piece on empowering the sales representatives in the team with data. Particularly, how to make the insights delivered are actionable - for example, she discussed how to "push" information to reps and give them visibility into their book of business.

This has a close alignment with the movement from descriptive to prescriptive analytics. It is no longer good enough to simply analyse data and present it in a different format. The market has moved to a place where prescribed actions need to be pushed back to the user for optimum efficiency, and it was great to hear Danielle's mindset reflective of this.

This feeds into ensuring one-to-one meetings are actionable, with an emphasis on avoiding "story time". For anyone trying to understand how to turn the needle on rep performance, this is an awesome piece!