Revenue Interview: Zach Jones at TechnologyAdvice

The Interview

Kluster's Take

Theo spoke with Zach Jones, VP of Sales and Client Success at TechnologyAdvice. The company has a very entrepreneurial story and was founded out of its CEO’s dorm. They’ve grown exponentially since then.

Zach began his journey at TechnologyAdvice as an Intern. he started writing content but discovered a natural flair for business development. He moved into account management and then ultimately building a team. Zach now manages a team of around 70, that makes up the entire revenue team globally. 

Zach thinks revenue is like an equation. Once you work it out, it’s about moving the needle one way or another. He monitors close rates and then how much pipeline he needs to hit the forecast. He stresses that having granular conversations and using analytics facilitates better business decisions. When you focus on leading indicators, especially on the sales side, you know these are going to produce revenue if you hold other things constant.

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