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The Revenue Operations Blog

Revenue Operations Interview: Susie Joe Dooner at Absolute Software

September 13, 2021

The Interview

Kluster's Take

Tom spoke with Susie Joe Dooner, AVP Revenue Operations at Absolute Software. She provides some incredible insights into achieving alignment and using data.

Susie explains that a lot of organisations are still working in a siloed fashion. She is interested in combining these teams, looking at them from a customer journey perspective. Not only is it key to achieve internal alignment, but to use the same data, systems and KPIs. Susie stresses that there is often the expectation of alignment. To achieve strategic alignment, you need buy-in from the leadership. Having someone oversee this at a strategic level is important to be able to make an impact. 

She tells us you must pay attention to the customer's perspective. You should look at internal teams, processes and data points. The why needs to be agreed upon from the top down. Why it is critical to align these teams must be articulated. Susie cites her CEO who says “culture is what we reward”.  She explains that regardless of role, everyone is paid by the same three metrics. 

If you connect your data, then you are able to ask all kinds of questions about the business's strengths. To make this data useful, you need to segment it by customer and transaction. You can then use this for go to market strategies, or annual planning for investment purposes. Susie thinks that starting with not the data, but the business problem you’re trying to solve often helps.