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The Revenue Operations Blog

Revenue Operations Interview: Shantanu Shekhar at Nitro, Inc.

November 11, 2021
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The Interview

Kluster's Take

Tom spoke with Shantanu Shekhar, Senior Director, Revenue Operations at Nitro, Inc. He discusses the relationship between metrics and change management. 

Shantanu explains that metrics should be underlined by basic questions. These include why you’re doing this, why is it important? How you use the metrics informs which metrics you choose. He stresses that when you start measuring metrics and their impacts, you shouldn’t forget about change management.

He believes that the role of the ops partner is to build the engine. This way, the go-to-market leaders can take care of delivery. It’s critical to ensure alignment across different functions within the go-to-market team. 

Shantanu thinks an important piece is ensuring focus. You can have alignment on a hundred things or you can have a lens on the three things that matter.