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The Revenue Operations Blog

Process and Execution, Naven KY

December 9, 2021

The Interview

Kluster's Take

Ellie spoke with Naven KY, ​​Global Revenue Operations Manager at Chargebee. He explains his thoughtful approach to process and execution.

Naven’s philosophy is to create visibility into the sales ecosystem. There is a need for someone who can build the foundations and absorb the heat. This way, the team can focus on actually selling the products.

He believes that both from a headcount and tech stack perspective, you need to view it as an ecosystem. To scale, responsibilities must be broken down. Structure and organisation are key. Execution matters a lot to Naven, especially when planning initiatives and strategy. He believes it’s useless if you have a vision but no process for execution.

Naven values people over process. Someone could go completely against the process and smash their quota. Although, the process is to help people perform better and make their lives easier.