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The Revenue Operations Blog

Revenue Interview: Mike Weir at G2

July 29, 2021

The Interview

Kluster's Take

Rory Spoke with Mike Weir, Chief Revenue Officer at G2. Mike’s history is steeped in both marketing and sales. His journey began in marketing, yet he pivoted into sales leadership roles for roughly the last decade. Before G2, Mike had an immensely successful 8 years at LinkedIn.

Mike starts by establishing a vision, he believes teams need a destination to drive towards. He describes tactics as a subset of your strategy, which tend to be individual things that you’re doing. Mike is constantly in a proactive planning mode, the tactics just follow. At G2 he created the vision from a revenue perspective, this is more than a revenue target. He looks at both qualitative and quantitative measures, as well as setting milestones.

Mike has prioritised Customer Success at G2, adding to their consultative nature. In a time where there are fewer investments, you are damaging your business if you don’t take care of your existing customers.

Mike creates a regular rhythm of planning meetings, excellent ideas get lost in one-to-one communication. He advocates for learning the business inside out, you can shape your own perspectives through shadowing. That knowledge builds respect and ideas will get more engagement. You need to earn your way to the table through credibility.