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The Revenue Operations Blog

Revenue Interview: Michael Casson at PrestaShop

June 17, 2021

The Interview

Kluster's Take

We had a fascinating conversation with Michael Casson, Head of Partnerships and Business Development, APAC and EMEA at PrestaShop, about revenue leadership.

He shared his philosophies on sales leadership, and how they become ingrained in the process. Michael doesn’t buy into the stereotype of the talkative salesman, for him, it’s all about training teams to become consultative and value-driven. 

His approach emphasises understanding the problem and providing solutions. Michael’s system is both analytical, yet also creative. He stresses that although there are many useful frameworks, this is not an exact science. He uses data to empower reps to make their own decisions, steered by this value framework.

Michael places great importance in creating a collaborative culture. In sales leadership, Michael discussed the importance of coaching; and in feeling comfortable to tell reps when you don't know something, and ask questions. He asks his team for input, helping to design the process and then iterate. Michael believes that data plays a role in coaching, he uses it to identify areas that need support. Michael’s approach involves “unlocking the solution” through deep dives in specific areas. This involves challenging and being granular in sales support.

A deeply knowledgeable piece!