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The Revenue Operations Blog

Revenue Operations Interview: Matt Sinise at MURAL

September 30, 2021

The Interview

Kluster's Take

Theo spoke with Matt Sinise, Revenue Strategy & Operations Manager at Mural. He explains his thoughtful approach to growth in SAS.

Matt ended up in rev ops almost by accident but discovered that it is a perfect fit. He fell in love with the SAS world, starting out on the CS side. Once Mural started an operations function, he moved into it a couple of years ago. He enjoys the role as every day brings something different. He tells us that everyday you’re working on solving problems. He loves diving into the numbers and using his analytical skills. Matt drives projects, making sure there’s alignment across teams.

He explains that it’s important to measure and report on lagging indicators. This is what the board is most interested in. At a manager and rep level, it’s important to focus more on the leading indicators. These are factors you can directly influence, such as activity data. This also includes what you can indirectly influence, such as conversion rates or open rates. Matt tells us this is what really takes an organisation to the next level. By focussing on behaviors you can then drive better outcomes.

Matt tells us that there’s always going to be a piece of revenue operations which is support based. There is a portion of the job that’s reactive, putting out fires or handling requests. Matt believes that over-communicating all the time is key. He stresses that you should make sure the leaders know what you’re working on. 

When it comes to measuring success for metrics you have, it’s about creating a centralised plan. It’s about understanding where you want to get to and what each team has to do to get there. This way someone can look and easily understand how the team and company are doing.