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The Revenue Operations Blog

Revenue Interview: Kevin Mulrane at Proquo Ai

October 12, 2021

The Interview

Kluster's Take

Theo spoke with Kevin Mulrane, Chief Revenue Officer at Onramp Invest. He discusses his thoughtful approach to sales leadership

Kevin started off in an individual contributor role. He knew he wanted to get into sales leadership as he found more gratification in helping others. When he was coaching and saw their success, he got fired up and excited. Kevin's niche is working with early-stage startups, building their sales and revenue teams.

He tells us that sales leadership might seem like a natural progression. It’s an entirely different role, with different skill sets. It can be challenging as you’re putting your own success in the hands of other people.

Kevin loves process, data and reporting. He uses data as a guide to make decisions, drive more sales and maximise conversions. He has experience building teams and forecasting in hyper-growth scenarios. Kevin explains that it’s important to create alignment between teams. There should be clear lines of communication and clear processes between departments. This ensures that everyone’s moving the ball forward.

He believes it’s all about removing silos and creating best practices for alignment. The key to driving communication is setting clear expectations around what’s important. These can be specific metrics or specific goals. Kevin stresses understanding how your responsibilities correlate to other functions is critical.