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The Revenue Operations Blog

Revenue Operations Interview: Kelsey Joyce at MATRIXX Software

September 6, 2021

The Interview

Kluster's Take

Josephine spoke with Kelsey Joyce, Chief of Staff and VP of Sales Operations at MATRIXX Software. She goes into detail about her winning approach to sales. 

Kelsey's focus is building relationships, understanding that it's not all about you. She seeks to understand the goals, motivations and objectives of other teams. She addresses this through lots of communication, which needs to be frank and open. As a result of lockdown, she has had a lot more one to one conversations. 

Kelsey's key metrics are weighted/unweighted coverage, average deal cycle, average deal size and win rate. She views historical data in different slices, focussing on 5-7 metrics. These fixed metrics are easily trackable. When your data isn't clean this is a challenge, some companies make strategic decisions on bad data.

Alignment between sales and marketing is an area of focus for Kelsey. She uses the tool Inbox AI, which adds contacts into salesforce based on outlook activity. She would much rather the team spends time selling than logging events. Kelsey ensures that both teams provide feedback for each other. Over time she has learned to take a very collaborative approach.