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The Revenue Operations Blog

Revenue Operations Interview: Jules Malatre at Spendesk

August 26, 2021

The Interview

Kluster's Take

Tom spoke with Jules Malâtre, Sales Operations Manager at Spendesk. He tells all about how he uses metrics to achieve his goals.

Jules explains that you should first be an enabler, you are accountable for what you create for your customers. It’s key to keep a constant communication with them and work in a consultative way. When looking at metrics and data, he stresses that what you’re saying should have an impact. He believes that the answer is around communication. Jules has a newsletter which he shares every week, it looks at key metrics at a high level. He tells us that it’s important to make sure people are focussing on the right thing, to create good habits and choose your champions. You need to communicate to the right people including team leaders. You need to ensure that your analysis is acknowledged.

Through weekly meetings you should go through everything that’s happening and what has been communicated. Spendesk is really focussed on the top of the funnel as their work is mostly outbound. Jules keeps an eye on 3 key metrics, number of accounts contacted, volume of calls and surveillance metrics. Surveillance metrics are important as you need to dig deep into and account before unqualifying them. These metrics are then monitored on a weekly basis.

Jules believes the best way to measure the success of the metrics is the adoption. He thinks a metric is working when stakeholders are talking about it. He explains that it’s a feeling you have through the communication that you maintain. Jules works a lot with the data team and considers it a part of revops.