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The Revenue Operations Blog

Revenue Operations Interview: Gabriel Hobbs at Tacton

September 10, 2021

The Interview

Kluster's Take

Tom spoke with Gabriel Hobbs, Head of Sales Operations at Tacton. He explains that if you’re not delivering delight to your customers on a daily basis, they’re going to stop using the service. He uses this approach internally as well, this way you’re going to have people that want to use the processes. 

Gabriel describes his role as helping salespeople to win more business. He helps to improve the renewal rate and is involved with whatever drives revenue.

He believes the value of data is simplicity and ease of use, especially with CRM systems. Data quality is also important, so that analytics can be trusted. When implementing a new process, the period of transition is critical. He explains that if you believe in your processes you can win over even the most hardened detractors. If processes are driven from the top, they have a stronger likelihood of being successful. He stresses that it is important to communicate the rationale behind any new process.

Gabriel thinks data is fun, if you set it up properly. He tells us you need the proper infrastructure to be able to gather the right data at the right point in time. One element is understanding the metrics that you want to be measuring. 

His last point is trusting the data, you need checks and balances in place. This is so that when we do pull up data, it's relevant.