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The Revenue Operations Blog

Revenue Operations Interview: Ella Pebbles at Cutover

September 17, 2021

The Interview

Kluster's Take

Josephine spoke with Ella Pebbles, Vice President of Revenue Operations at Cutover. She explains how she applies her technical and tactical skills to ops.

Ella believes ops is a necessary function for growing companies. It's hard to do business without a good ops function. Sometimes 5 person companies are able to pivot and be flexible. They can execute things that enormous companies can’t move with that level of mobility.

Ella sees her role in ops as a watchmaker. She ensures Cutover is a well-oiled machine through pushing, pulling, cleaning and reorganising. The metrics you use are fundamentally different depending on company size and culture. Industry makes a big difference too, when working B2C versus B2B.

Ella has both a very technical and tactical skill set, enabling her to build a broad picture of what’s going on. A watch, where mechanisms are closely tied together is a good analogy. If you change a cog you need to make sure it's not going to break something elsewhere. You need the complete picture, if you don't then you’re not building for scale.