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The Revenue Operations Blog

Revenue Interview: Cole Knuth Mid at Pax8

July 5, 2021

The Interview

Kluster's Take

Tom spoke with Cole Knuth, CRO of Pax8 UK. Cole tells us all about his passion for developing new markets.

Cole gives an incredible analogy for this, the development of a river. It’s depth is the breadth of products that you offer, the width applies to the different types of people that you sell to. When you get creative with the products you offer, the river becomes deeper. When you apply that to many business segments you have the opportunity for the most growth. It is a lot easier to navigate lots of water than a drought!

Cole enjoys being at the tip of the spear and pioneering organisations. He takes other people's ideas and drives them forward. Cole achieves this by listening more and talking less.

Cole believes the human element is important, understanding what drives individuals. A key tenet is to align the people with the company and the business strategy. Across all levels Cole looks specifically for people who are hungry, humble and smart. This achieves buy-in from people who have the right attitude.