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The Revenue Operations Blog

Revenue Interview: Brent Plow at Naehas

September 7, 2021

The Interview

Kluster's Take

Tom spoke with Brent Plow, Sr. Director of Sales at Naehas. He tells us all about his philosophy of working for his team.

Brent’s approach centres around trust, he trusts that his team is going to execute. If it’s your first time in a leadership position, you need to think about what you expect from your sales team. To do this, you should reflect upon your own personal successes as a salesperson. Brent believes the best managers encourage feedback and innovation. He stresses that this is the culture you should foster in a young organisation. 

Brent sets ground rules and boundaries, but he also wants the sales team to start to run. When they start to experiment and bring ideas forward, that’s when you find innovation. Authenticity is important for Brent. He explains that his top reps are the most authentic, genuine people, those are the people that shine. Integrity is critical, Brent only wants to work with people who are honest with customers. He looks for credibility too, can they be technical in that subject matter.

Brent understands the best salespeople become partners to their customers. They are there to assist and provide insights. He believes the same skillset works internally as well, he’s never thought of these as being separate.