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The Revenue Operations Blog

Revenue Interview: Andrew Nunez at Scanco

June 18, 2021

The Interview

Kluster's Take

We had an inspiring discussion with Andrew Nunez, CEO of Scanco, back when he was owning the CRO function at SWK Technologies. We go into detail about the growing importance of data in revenue leadership.

Andrew believes it is key for a CRO to be data driven. Once you understand the norm, you can identify changes and know how to adjust. "Data doesn't open the cathedral doors" - it gives you situational fluency, the ability to pivot and change faster. He believes the purpose of CROs is to take the data and interpret it with their own experience.

This led to an interesting discussion about how the field of sales has changed in general. Andrew stresses salespeople are now playing the role of “consultants”. The approach is much more collaborative and building trust between teams is critical. A really insightful piece!