Revenue Operations Interview: Adithya Krishnaswamy at Everstage

The Interview

Kluster's Take

Tom spoke with Adithya Krishnaswamy, Revops & Growth Head at Everstage. He shares his learning on achieving Revops success.

Before pivoting into ops, Adithya worked as a data scientist and spent his time coding in Python. He explains that data analytics adds value, but there is a chain of command, you need to convince people. He discovered a passion for mapping out inefficiencies, better suiting an ops role.

Adithya has a profound respect for salespeople and understands their challenges. He tells us that he doesn’t look at numbers the same way as before. A lot of the insight is in the reps, you might assume something is a problem, until you talk to them. He points out that talking to people and building rapport is key, you need to be trusted.

Adithya highlights the importance of forecasting, it's a critical part of sales leadership. He believes predicting where you’re going to land is more important than hitting your quota. The only way to get the full truth is to talk to salespeople and have forecasting meetings. 

He sends out reminders the previous day to ensure everyone has updated the CRM. They review all targets and pipelines, taking into account contextual information. You can then construct a best-case scenario. You get a number you can land for sure and a number if things go in your favour. Adithya stresses it’s important to be honest and give the reality of the situation.

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