Kluster and Huble Join Forces to Propel Businesses Forward with Unparalleled Insights in Revenue Forecasting

We're thrilled to announce our latest venture: a strategic partnership with Huble, a global  marketing & creative consultancy helping companies to constantly evolve their business performance using both its HubSpot expertise, and its strategic consultancy, across marketing, creative and sales. 

This collaboration represents a significant stride in our commitment to helping businesses seeking to deepen their understanding of revenue dynamics and leverage actionable insights for strategic growth.

Rory Brown, Co-founder and CCO of Kluster, emphasised, "Our partnership with Huble heralds a new era in revenue analytics. It enables businesses to harness the full potential of their revenue data, facilitating data-driven insights that are essential for growth in today's dynamic business landscape."

Daryn Smith, CEO of Huble, shared, "Our partnership with Kluster represents a significant leap towards improved sales analytics for our clients. It's a journey to seamlessly transform raw data into actionable insights within the HubSpot ecosystem."

Powerful revenue insights: the Huble and Kluster partnership

The collaboration between Huble and Kluster provides businesses with a unique opportunity to explore new frontiers in revenue analytics. Here's a brief overview of what this partnership brings to the table: 

Accurate and reliable forecasting: Run your business on accurate forecasts earlier on in the quarter, with forward looking revenue predictions, allowing more time to course-correct and demonstrate control of your business.

Insights to improve performance: Drill into any part of the business segment, get automated historic analysis and risk alerts to identify levers of improvement and boost conversion rates.

Strategic decision making: Gain a granular view for any part of the business, team, product-line or region, with views tailored to finance, c-suite, ops and reps/managers, reducing visibility gaps and improving strategic decision making for senior leaders. 

Current deal intelligence: Get real-time risk flagging and insights on live deals, by analysing historic data, unlocking key trends and patterns.


With these powerful tools at your disposal, the Huble and Kluster partnership equips you more visibility and more time to plan, monitor and course-correct your revenue strategy.

A Future Shaped by Insightful Revenue Strategy

Our union marks a pivotal step towards a future dominated by an informed, insight-driven revenue strategy.

Your business deserves the highest calibre of analytical tools, backed by seasoned expertise, and we are here to deliver that. In collaboration with Huble, Kluster is committed to propelling your revenue strategy into a new era of success.

Experience the transformative power of this partnership. Contact us for a demo and embark on your journey to a data-driven revenue strategy.

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