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The Revenue Operations Blog

Interview: Jishnu Thakuria

February 2, 2021
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The Interview

The incredible interview, in full.

Kluster's Take

We had a great chat with Jishnu over at Predictive Index all about measuring the success of the ops team as well as harnessing individual talents for productivity. Particularly within scaling organisations, growing ops teams must prepare for changing roles and responsibilities.

If everyone is doing everything and taking part in all the meetings, engagement can take a hit. Jishnu outlined the awesome process of harnessing individual talents to keep up motivation and engagement across the team. If everyone is deploying their own, unique skillsets in their work then they are an extraordinarily valuable resource to the ops function.

It's a two-way street between the org and the individual - the org can aid with personal development while optimising the productivity of their team members. Another practice to implement in a growing team is documentation. When passing on projects to other team members, it seems to be really valuable to be able to display the thought process - understand how the process came into fruition and why. With this, everyone can understand the thought process and understand the overall goal.