Interview: Jeff Ignacio at UpKeep

The Interview

Kluster's Take

We spoke to Jeff Ignacio from UpKeep on the nature of revenue operations, what the role means today, and particularly how operations changes as companies grow.

Like many revenue operations leaders before him, Jeff fell into the function after gaining experience in a range of other roles. Starting out as a consultant for Accenture, before moving into sales and recruitment, Jeff was introduced to the technical side of the commercial world through hiring for information systems roles, and having a side hustle of deploying freemium tech for SMBs. Follow that with an MBA and experience at Intel and Google, Jeff found that sales operations was the perfect place to bring these skills together.

Among the insights was the power of focusing on increasing the lifetime value of a customer in a scalable and predictable way. Setting this as a goal is a powerful mechanism for driving revenue of a company. It was great to hear Jeff work from the strategic aspect of revenue operations to determine the tactical side of the role: enabling processes, building out systems, monitoring metrics, and leveraging SaaS unit economics where possible to push growth forward.

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