Interview: David L'Etoile at EchoStor

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We spoke to David L'Etoile, the Inside Sales and Sales Operations Manager at Echostor. A leading information technology solution company based out of New England.

Starting his career over sixteen years ago, David confessed that sales is something that just runs through his veins. We spoke about how he builds his 'book of business'.

Within the pages of this, we covered the best way's to ensure your funnel keeps growing. Channeling leads through on a regular basis for optimal success, and, diving deeper into that, David revealed that reliable metrics, meetings, and management are the three main pillars to an incredible revenue function.

Despite juggling plenty of plates, a common theme among Sales Ops folk right now, David's main focus is those around him. Coaching, developing, and supporting his team is prioritised above anything else. 'It's important to remember, everyone is different, everyone works differently and everyone responds differently' a true sales leader!

Thank you David, an incredible contribution to the Kluster Community!

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