Brittany Hooper, Regional VP of Sales at LSQ

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Kluster's Take

We had the pleasure of speaking to Brittany Hooper, Regional VP of Sales at LSQ, a supply chain and finance solutions provider to optimise B2B sales, based out of Florida.

As a driven, motivated and successful individual, Brittany absolutely loves the world of sales, SaaS and start-ups. Beginning her career from infancy, selling shiny rocks as fools gold (innovation at its best) Brittany found her calling early. Following that, her career in sales has gone from strength to strength, and she has loved every minute.

When asked about the most enjoyable element of her role, building relationships was an incredibly clear leading indicator. Connecting with awesome individuals, learning about their companies and supporting start-ups through funding are the area's in which Brittany thrives.

As a core revenue function, Brittany’s vital metric is consistent lead generation. The more people you see, the more high quality, qualified and successful leads you produce, whilst also forming strong professional relationships with those clients.

In order to optimise these successes, ensuring Brittany’s high personal standards are met is vitally important. Self admin, organisation and thorough calendar maintenance is the key to ensuring you are running as the most functional human sales engine.

Got to keep those personal sales levers in line!

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