The Platform Leaders Use To Deliver Revenue.

Build a strategy that beats plan, on a platform that just works, with your data in one place.

Delight your CEO, give confidence to your CFO, and empower your CRO to lead with the #1 analytics and forecasting platform.



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Kluster Makes These Roles Happy

Community-designed best practice for every person in the revenue function.

Revenue Operations

Rev Ops and Sales Ops leaders and up-and-comers

Build repeatable process
Scale your funnel
Deliver reports on time, every time

Revenue Leadership

Team leads, VP Sales, CROs and CEO

Generate forecasts you can trust
Own your strategy with data-driven tactics
Visualise and track KPIs

Revenue Professionals

SDRs and AEs

Be CEO of your own business
Simulate your journey to quota
Plan for quarter-to-quarter consistency

Get revenue confidence through the spine of your business.

forecast accuracy
increase in win rate
reduction in sales cycle
14 days
time to value
Target Planning
Revenue Analytics
AI-Driven Projections
Pipeline Change Analysis
Pipeline Warning System

Activity Tracking

Kluster captures, tracks and displays the activity between your team and their prospects at each stage of the process.
We spot critical moments in deals, giving your team insights they need to make better decisions.


Meetings Made Easy

No more analysing sales data and building reports.
Our award-winning Customer Success Team will guide you through how to power best in SaaS meetings with our real-time interactive dashboards.

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Fastest Integration on The Market

We'll get you up and running faster than any of our competitors. It's just how we work.
G2 Summer Report 2022 estimates our integration time is 2 weeks. We estimate even quicker.
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How We Work

We don't ask you to change the way you use your CRM. We map Kluster to your existing processes and enhance your sales teams experience.


We plug into your CRM.

We analyse every deal you've ever won or lost understanding the characteristics of each.

We compare this data to your live pipeline.

You get accurate, reliable insights.

How will it affect my business?

Here's a look at how some of our clients have changed before and after our 14 day time to value period.

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without Kluster

with Kluster

Unreliable & inconsistent revenue forecasting
More accurate and more reliable forecasting, feel confident sooner
Inconsistent rep performance
More productive reps, hitting target
Wanting to improve pipeline management
Highly visible pipeline and funnel
Pipeline shortfalls that catch you by surpise at the end of month or quarter
Early warning systems that alert manager with AI driven course corrections
Managers too busy to inspect every deal, but want to know what's going on
Instant overview with deep deal intelligence and insights
Lack of time and resource to segment data easily at muliplie different levels
Understand your conversion metrics, win rates, and pipeline coverage at region, team, product and rep level
Hours lost analysing sales data. Which is then immediately out of date
Meetings made easy with real-time updates (see above)

Customers Love Kluster

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a trial with our data?

Of course! We are so confident that Kluster will be able to deliver that we offer a Proof of Concept trial with your data.

How will my team benefit from Kluster?

Kluster was built by revenue teams, for revenue teams. Deal “story time” can be fun, but results are often qualitative and unmeasurable. Kluster will bring action-driving quantitative insights to your team's forecast meetings and pipeline reviews.

Your reps will know exactly what they need to do at each stage of the pipeline to be successful. Managers will have this data on hand and be able to deliver effective coaching.

Leadership teams can build and adapt a data-driven Go-To-Market strategy in real-time. This ultimately means the entire revenue team can focus on the most crucial thing: selling!

How will my company benefit from Kluster?

You can’t sail a ship effectively without a map and bearings. Kluster is the map and bearings for your company's growth. It will help you avoid uncertainty in the sales process by alerting you to risks early on.

Fundraising will be easier. Kluster is recognised and recommended by some of the worlds leading venture capital firms. This is because it gives visibility at C-suite and board level into sales performance that enables better decision-making.

Why Choose Kluster?

We will never ask you to change your sales process or the way you use your CRM. We also offer unique features, such as our scenario planning tool which will allow you to play out all the “what if?” scenarios with a few clicks.

Do other forecasting and revenue analytics platforms exist? Yes. We listen to feedback from their ex-clients (now loyal Klustomers). We're told they don't come close to Kluster in flexibility, quality of features and insights.

We’re the obvious choice - book a demo to find out why.

What is Kluster?

Kluster is the industry leader in Forecasting and Revenue Analytics. It plugs into your CRM to analyse your historical performance data and then forecasts your revenue using AI. Visualise your pipeline like never before and understand where you win and lose deals. Power every revenue-related meeting with the right data points and insights from Board to Rep.

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