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With a focus on excellence and efficiency, the company recognized the need for a sales forecasting tool that could keep up with its high standards and sales forecasting needs. After experiencing limitations with its existing tools, ExtraHop turned to Kluster to streamline its sales process and make informed decisions.


“Before Kluster, we tried to cobble together a sales forecasting tool in a solution that wasn’t designed to provide forecasting and analytics functionality.”

Jessica Zinger, senior vice president of revenue operations at ExtraHop, led a team that struggled to forecast sales figures. The process was challenging and inefficient and made it difficult to pull out accurate data.

The sales team spent more time juggling spreadsheets and handwritten notes than analysing, resulting in a lack of consistency in forecasting, with no analytics to make informed decisions.

The company needed a better forecasting tool to meet its needs, and it chose Kluster, a leading revenue analytics and forecasting platform for SaaS companies.

“We had inadequate sales forecasting capabilities, an insufficient pipeline of analytics, and limited win-rate analysis. All of the out-of-the-box tools from Kluster delivered capabilities we didn't previously have.”

Kluster’s Ease of Implementation

ExtraHop chose Kluster as the solution for its sales forecasting needs. It was the clear choice over alternatives, due to its faster implementation time and favourable pricing.

Within six weeks of the purchase, ExtraHop’s sales team was working with the new solution, and shortly thereafter, it was using Kluster for 100percent of its sales forecasting needs.

“We signed the deal with Kluster during the week between Christmas and New Year's Day, and we were up and running by February.”

With Kluster, ExtraHop gained unparalleled visibility into sales pipeline analytics and win-rate analysis, while gaining access to other standard features it didn’t previously have.

Kluster helped the company establish a forecast discipline, providing the sales team with the insights it needed to make informed decisions.

Sales reps now submit deals through Kluster, which provides a uniform view of the sales pipeline. The sales team has also found the Kluster dashboard and pipeline management features helpful.

How Kluster Changed ExtraHop’s Sales Operations

Since implementing Kluster, the ExtraHop revenue operations team no longer spends its time manually reviewing and correlating Excel sheets and handwritten notes to create sales forecasts. The forecasting process is now streamlined, and all data is easily accessible.

The team can prepare for forecast calls without scrambling to write down every deal that makes up the path. Kluster provides everything the team needs in one place, with a dashboard that's easy to navigate and pipeline management features that are intuitive and informative.

“With Kluster, we can actually spend time growing sales and improving performance instead of continuously working to put the numbers together.”

Kluster has become an essential part of the company's revenue operations and is used by everyone in the revenue team, from sales reps to the executive team. ExtraHop Sales leadership checks the forecasts regularly and appreciates Kluster’s AI-generated predictive sales numbers.

Kluster’s premium features and intuitive design enable ExtraHop to forecast accurately, track sales performance, and improve win-rate analysis. With Kluster, the sales team can streamline its process, save time, and make informed decisions to meet its goals.

ExtraHop views Kluster as the premium sales forecasting and analytics solution for companies that demand the best. Its outstanding features and ease of use make it the perfect choice for businesses looking to streamline their sales process and achieve their revenue goals.