How Kluster's Advanced Forecasting Tools Double Your Chances to Surpass Quotas

Kluster’s revenue forecasting enables our customers to beat quota twice as often as other companies. Our systems use a rich blend of AI and statistics, to deliver best forecasting on the market. And don’t just take our word for it – we are consistently #1 on G2 for all forecasting categories.

Tactical Rollup Forecasting

Engraining and robust rollup forecasting process within your business is vital for predictable revenue. Kluster’s flagship forecasting product enables the most streamlined rollup forecasting process with the deepest insights on the market.


Stage-Weighted Pipeline Analysis

Kluster examines your sales pipeline, intelligently assigning different weights to deals at various stages. This ensures that we account for the likelihood of deals progressing and closing within your desired timeframes.


CRM Record Deep Dive Analysis

Kluster goes beyond the surface by diving deep into your CRM data. It uncovers correlations between different CRM fields and the probability of deal success or delays, incorporation any custom data that is bespoke to your business.


Individual Rep and Deal Analysis

We understand that every sales rep and deal is unique. Kluster delves into the parameters of each deal and predicts the likelihood of its success. We then roll up these individual predictions to give you an overall view of your sales performance.


Aggregate-Level Forecasting

Kluster scales up its analysis to provide a holistic view. We analyse revenue lines, teams, territories, and your entire company's data. By aggregating pipeline and revenue data and running analytics on CRM variables, we project future outcomes with precision.


Sales Pacing Analysis

We keep a close eye on how your sales are progressing throughout the quarter. Kluster incorporates this pace into its forecasting models to predict future revenue based on your team's current performance.


Performance Trend Analysis

Our software examines both recent and long-term performance trends of individual sales reps. We factor in historical success rates and growth patterns to provide you with actionable insights.


Pipeline Creation Forecasting

Kluster doesn't just stop at predicting pipeline opportunities; we also forecast future pipeline generation, and in turn the revenue that will result from this pipeline over the coming 12 months.


Dynamic, Automated Weighting and Blending

We understand that your business context is ever-changing. Kluster intelligently blends our forecasts in real-time to optimise for accuracy based on where your business is within the reporting period, and the sales cycle.

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