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Data Analyst


Kluster is looking for analytically-minded people to help us drive the growth of our customers.

This is an entry-level position where you will learn to query, manipulate and configure data to enhance our platform and deliver better value. You will get exposure to every team within our small, fast-growing company.

There are no requirements to apply, however interest in coding or maths, and/or a science degree is a plus.

Everything at Kluster moves fast. 2019’s Data Analyst now runs the team; and 2021’s Data Analysts were both promoted to Senior Data Analysts within 6 months.


Note: this is a Data Analyst role, not a Data Science role. Prospective data scientists are welcome to apply, and promotions could lead to a Data Scientist position in the future. However, exposure to our machine learning systems will be limited in this role.

About Kluster

Kluster enables companies to grow.

Imagine you want to run a marathon in under four hours.

You sign up for a race and hire a coach. They design a training plan for you, and are by your side at every training session up to the race, as you execute the plan.

Success is all but guaranteed.

That’s what Kluster does, but for businesses.

We help companies plan and execute their revenue strategies, ensuring they predictably beat their targets.

Three years ago, Kluster was five people with a handful of customers.  We now have 25 people and power the revenue of companies around the world.

Most of the team joined as recent graduates, and the average time to a promotion is eight months.

We want to become one of the most important business software companies in the world.

This is your chance to get in on the ground floor and make an impact.

The Role

You will join a small and efficient team of analysts who all started as graduates and gained the skills needed to excel in the position whilst in the role.

  • Liaising with the commercial team to understand the needs of the client
  • Building and maintaining analytics to add to our library
  • Ensuring the client’s Kluster instance is configured as required
  • Building automation processes to improve scalability of the company
  • Developing our internal tool to increase efficiency of configuration
  • Create frameworks to build more complex analytics and processes
  • Leverage new data sources to bring insights to the client
  • Create and improve machine learning insights
  • Testing of the platform
  • Other ad-hoc tasks to support the business

Requirements and Responsibilities

We pride ourselves on our supportive and positive culture that permeates the whole business and would love for any new hire to share in this.

The main requirements are a humble, can-do attitude, and the desire to make a measurable and lasting impact on a young company.

While we welcome applications from all backgrounds, candidates with a STEM degree or demonstrable maths/coding interest are encouraged to apply.

Training will begiven in the role, so no specific technical skills are required.

However, experience with relational databases (ie SQL), scientific programming (ie Python, Matlab,R) are desirable.

Career progression is capped at your own aspirations. We aim to have our senior leadership of the future come from our early hires.

If you use your initiative to help the company’s growth meet or go beyond its current trajectory, you will be in a great position to qualify for these roles.


Please email and CC to apply.

Candidates going beyond a traditional email with a CV will move to the top of the queue: video applications, github repositories, examples of related achievements and projects are more than welcome.