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Being a Klusterite

Your time is precious. Spend it making an impact.

The world is changing.
Kluster is driving this change.

For centuries, the global economy was powered by a wide range of sectors.

Now, something is changing.

The economy is being dominated by the technology sector.

Software is truly eating the world. Particularly in our market.

Kluster provides the playbook for software companies to grow from an underdog, to a global leader.

From an early concept, to the status quo.

Join us in driving this forward.

Our work matters.
A lot.

Our clients are as ambitious as us.

They shake up the global currency system.

Drag the payments sector into the 21st century.

Make higher education accessible to students globally.

Fight crime.

Change the fabric of the legal profession.

And much more, all through cutting edge software.

Kluster enables them to get to where they need to be, faster.

Company Values

Working Culture

What it's like to work here.

We were going to talk about the amazing culture embedded in the team.

Or the share options we give to everyone.

Or the ability to work from anywhere globally for two weeks per quarter, from an office provided by us.

But instead, we thought it better to just ask the team.

What it's like to make an impact.

You could check out our reviews, or see what people are saying online.

Or ask for more information on how we help our clients scale like a rocket ship.

A Brief History of Kluster

From the genesis of Kluster, to where we are today.

Rory starts his career in sales. Within a few years, he goes on to set up a new division of the company, and scales it to a profitable, million-dollar organisation.

After being an early employee at unicorn fintech Acturis, Dan moved on to become a financial statistics consultant, creating models and forecasts used by the Bank of England and the White House.
The Beginnings
Fed up with the lack of visibility associated with revenue growth, Rory asked Dan if it is possible to build a mathematical model of a sales team.
If so, it would be possible to shine a light on the areas that worked, those that did not, and accurately forecast revenue.
Dan built something simple. Rory used it. Others in his company asked for it, and started using it.

Rory's clients heard about it, and asked to buy it.

Kluster was born.
John joined as CTO, and built version one.
After launch, early traction is gained in the US and Europe, and the team grows to 5.
$1m is raised from venture capital funds and prominent angel investors.
The team size almost doubles across 2020 to support rapid growth.
The number of users grew to over 1,000.
Revenue growth rate accelerates to the point Kluster will quadruple annually.
The team size has doubled again, and hiring continues.
The board expands to add the CEO of Cognism, and both headcount and revenue continue to grow exponentially.
Are you the next Klusterite?