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It's the best revenue platform around.

If you want a platform that is designed by a handful of people at one company, go with someone else.

But if you want a platform that is updated daily with the workflows your peers use to beat target, get in touch.

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Forecast Confidently

Embed forecasting processes from sales reps up to leadership, and augment with multiple AI and analytical methods for crystal clarity.

Security Alerts for Pipeline

Ever been alerted by your bank about that large purchase you just made?

We do that for changes in activity and pipeline that will impact next quarter's revenue.

Prescribed Actions for Success

Receive insights with context. Take the right actions. Be predictable.

Reverse Engineer Your Revenue

Want to dig into the data? Use interactive tools to engineer your perfect outcome, and assign KPI targets to your team to track real time progress.

Report To The Board

Stop spending your evenings with screenshots and PowerPoint.

Report to management, and have your team report to you, with real time interactive dashboards.

Kluster Makes These Roles Happy

Community-designed best practice for every person in the revenue function.

Revenue Operations

Rev Ops and Sales Ops leaders and up-and-comers

Build repeatable process
Scale your funnel
Deliver reports on time, every time

Revenue Leadership

Team leads, VP Sales, CROs and CEO

Generate forecasts you can trust
Own your strategy with data-driven tactics
Visualise and track KPIs

Revenue Professionals

SDRs and AEs

Be CEO of your own business
Simulate your journey to quota
Plan for quarter-to-quarter consistency