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Kluster vs Clari: The 2021 Comparison

May 1, 2021
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Welcome to a comparison of Kluster vs Clari.

Right now, you are probably looking for accurate forecasting, embedding great processes within your business (and more), to comfortably beat your revenue target each quarter.

Well, you are right to be assessing your options! And we may be biased, but you are assessing two great options.

We have done plenty of research, and we love sharing with the revenue community.

As such, we thought it only fair to share it with you. 


Kluster is a relatively new entrant to the market, famous for their flexibility; as well as curating the best forecasting processes from global revenue leaders at scaling companies. Kluster has recently launched a forecasting feature which enables a comprehensive forecasting process that rolls up from the account executive to the CRO, with more insights and sentiment capture than anywhere on the market.

Clari is one of the bigger players in the market. Their main feature of note is the sales forecasting module which enables sales leaders to create a uniform and transparent process of forecasting, throughout the organisation.

Clari’s strengths are their robust forecasting process, the fact they are currently the market leader, as well as broader features such as auto-sync to CRM, and integration with other tools.

Kluster’s strengths are powering a larger portion of revenue meetings, drawing on the meeting workflows of some of the world’s fastest growing SaaS companies, with the forecasting meeting being at the heart of this, but not exclusively.

Initial Overview


Kluster’s focus is on enabling companies to predictably beat their revenue targets, every quarter.

The platform aggregates workflows and analytics from global revenue leaders, to allow clients to forecast, manage pipeline, and execute strategies for predictable revenue.

Kluster's home page


Clari’s focus is on total visibility, and exceptional execution. Covering forecasting, pipeline management and revenue intelligence, the platform makes your entire revenue process more efficient and predictable.

Clari's home page


Both platforms have a broader revenue operations platform, with the forecasting feature being front and center.

The forecasting features are broadly split in two: 

  • powerful methods of forecasting your number
  • a robust process for submitting the forecasts of each sales professional, to drive efficiency and accountability within the organisation up to the board.


Predictive Forecasting

The platform can forecast your number sliced and diced by rep, team, product, territory, or any other grouping you desire.

Furthermore, real-time forecasts are generated using a range of AI and statistical techniques to add powerful context to an already accurate number.

The context can be leveraged in strategic decision making and investigating the risks to hitting target.

Forecasting Process

Kluster’s forecasting process is moulded to the organisational structure and flow of your business, and designed to effortlessly make revenue meetings flow without spreadsheets, slide decks, and updating CRMs. 

The forecasting process rolls up from account executives the CRO, with full history tracking and analytics for analyse and optimise your processes, and post-quarter debriefs on accuracy and visibility.

History Tracking

Kluster’s history tracking is second to none, and the revenue leaders who use the product are continually building new analytics based on changes in forecasts over time and contributing back to the library.


Predictive forecasting

Leverage Clari’s AI-based projection to pressure-test your call and see exactly where you’ll end the quarter.

Forecasting process

With Clari, revenue leaders forecast in a uniform, integrated and transparent process—for more accuracy and consistency. And with a clear view of their entire team's submission status, the sales management team can instantly prompt reps to update their forecast. The result? More productive teams and increased forecast accuracy across the board.

History Tracking

Easily track important changes to the forecast—like who changed their commit since the last call.

Sales Analytics


Kluster’s analytics library focuses on actionability and applying the learnings of SaaS leaders to your data. 

The analytics library is improving every day, as global revenue leaders contribute to it to share their knowledge with the community, and appears to be more comprehensive than Clari’s.

Kluster’s market-first “Newsfeed” reverses the traditional workflow for reps and managers trying to interpret and action analytics.

Newsfeed delivers the conclusion first, in digestible headline format. It then directs the user back to the analytics with instructions of what to look for, with rich context, and learnings from the community as to how they can action them.

Kluster’s analytics library operates across all areas that are touched by the revenue function: opportunities, accounts, activities, leads and more. Full customisation allows custom objects and datasets to be analysed.


To stay objective, we have taken Clari’s capabilities straight from the website:

Sharing pipeline insights with the team

“See your pipeline in a whole new way—and empower your team to see it, too. Clari lets you view a comprehensive picture of your pipeline, understand what’s driving changes, analyze by segment and share those insights with the field.”

Historic conversion rates

“Know whether or not you’ll hit your numbers. Clari uses historical conversion rates for more accurate predictions.”

Predictive forecasting

“Compare your forecast call to Clari’s AI-based projection—so you can adjust where necessary.”

Out-Quarter Pipeline Projection

“See exactly how much pipeline you need to generate to meet your revenue targets in the upcoming quarter.”

Sales Funnel Modelling


Kluster’s market-leading Vision is an interactive sales funnel that allows users to quickly visualise their sales funnel over any time period, and then slide parameters to model predicted routes to target. Reports are that this technology far surpass even revenue analytics specialists like InsightSquared’s visualisations, who offer the typical static funnel view. 


Our research has not managed to find a Clari funnel view. Clari have a limited selection of analytics including pipeline change and forecast projections, but not yet sales funnels.

Pipeline Inspection and Management


Kluster help you project how future months and quarters will play out based on the current pace of pipeline being built and it’s quality. Their NewsFeed functionality offers market-first alerts into various groups of deals that are stuck, single-threaded, being mis-managed, discounted and more, prompting leaders and reps to keep pipeline up to date and healthy.


Clari gives you a comprehensive understanding of your pipeline sufficiency in current and future quarters. See the true status of your deals and accounts—whether they’re moving, stalled or at-risk—so you can focus on the right ones.

Deal Inspection


Kluster includes “forensic deal insights” which are a collection of deal changes using standard and custom fields, context to help users understand the significance of these changes, opportunity mis-management (such as single-threading), and influencing factors such as industry, lead source, deal size, account success history, and more.


Clari offers a “4-point deal inspection” which enables users to get a handle on what has changed (deal size, close date, forecast category), how likely the deal is to close, the activity on the deal, and if the deal is following the sales process.

Revenue Intelligence and Insights


Kluster’s revenue intelligence takes not only the visible data from your systems that you see in your CRM, but enriched metadata such as time lags between emails, time of day of meetings, as well as customisations that your developers and revenue operations teams may have created.

Inspect not only correlations and causations of these, but get prescriptive strategic insights into what accounts and opportunities to prioritise at any time, to maximise upside and mitigate risk.

Kluster’s revenue intelligence is enhanced every day, as revenue and revenue operations leaders around the world contribute to our library, which is accessible to all clients.


“Harvest valuable activity data from reps, prospects and customers so you always know what’s going on in your deals, your teams, and in your business. Increase productivity, visibility and alignment across your entire revenue team.”

CRM Integrations


Kluster has advanced configuration options across CRM datasets and reporting.

Kluster both reads and writes to the CRM so users can spend their time selling and running their business, all from within Kluster.

Kluster’s advanced integration method is both faster to setup, more robust when aligning historical data, and can cater for a greater array of CRM nuances such as custom split or product objects.

Kluster does not automatically push data to the CRM (such as emails).


“Clari analyzes every sales meeting and email to automatically update CRM, improving the comprehensiveness and accuracy of your CRM data.”

Clari has more limited configuration options than Kluster. 

Clari can automatically update CRM, with features such as contact creation and activity logging.


Both vendors operate custom pricing.